Filmtools is a premier e-commerce brand that works closely with the film & TV industry for their needs during pre-production, production & post-production. With the help of e-commerce, they have been able to expand across the nation & internationally as well.

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the problem

Filmtools was using their email & phone communication systems to send & receive requests from various different departments. This creates a challenge where if departments are sending too many requests in one day to the point where requests become lost. Because of this inefficient process, time is wasted, turnarounds were slow, and departments felt their needs weren’t being met.


The primary goal of this project was to streamline and centralized requests into one platform. Working closely with the purchasing department, we identified the key items needed when creating requests to the web team to add items onto the website.

Secondarily, we wanted to create a design system that resembled the company’s inventory management system that they have grown accustomed to. That way, we didn’t need to waste time in the design thinking process to help departments by building out tools faster.


The primary users for this project was members of the purchasing department. They were chosen to be the first users since they were in communication with the web team on a daily basis.

Once the primary users needs were met, we could expand the tool to other team members from the sales & customer service since they were on a daily contact basis with Filmtools’s customers & needs.

steps taken

The project was broken down into four different stages. Each stage had a level of requirements that needed to be met in order to move onto the next one. This helped myself & the two departments work together to finish the project.

Since this project was not identified by management, this was a side project I had to work with a software engineer on the side. We met in early morning sprints and devoted a block of time for us to jam without interfering with our primary responsibilities.


User Interviews


User Personas
User Journey
User Flows


Feedback Cycles


Usability Feedback
Guidelines & Design System
Post MVP Pathways


With the advantage of being on the web team, I already knew the stakeholders I needed to talk to. I became informally interviewing with my colleagues, which later confirmed the issue at hand. Once gathering my notes, I began the process of early brainstorming.

Two personas were created for this that utilized the frequent users of both the web team & purchasing. Creating the goals and tasks, I am able to effectively map out what the user flows would look like on a view-by-view basis.



design example

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success & Evolution

At the beginning of the launch of the company portal, it was a slow roll out. We notified departments one at a time to deliver the new tool for them to use. With further user testing, we tuned and tweaked the system to better transition the team members to a centralized tool.

As we expanded further, it became apparent that the tool was a success and the company was using it company-wide. With the high success, other departments began requesting more toolsets to better help their departments utilized the portal to their needs.